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Welcome to the gallery archive

This is where you can find all the older photos from my gallery. To see even older images plase visit my old site. Want to find out more about me? Have a look at my profile.

Archive photos

The Butterfly Farm

I went to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford on a school trip in July. I had a lovely day, but we joined a traffic jam on the M6 just before 3pm. In the second photo we are moving at last. I eventually got home at 8pm!
The crash on the M6 that was holding us up.
Can you see me? I'm at the back of the minibus in front!

Fathers day

In 2008 I went camping in Shropshire for Fathers day. Here are some photos of my weekend away.
The whole family
Funky field
Can you see us?
An amazing view
Someone is smiling, someone is frowning, and someone is pulling a funny face!
An old Roman place
Me and Dad
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