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What are they?

Welcome to the gallery

This is the gallery, in it you can find all of the best pictures of me. The pictures are in date order, starting from the most recent images, and going down to the oldest images. Pictures from before 2009 can be found in the image archive.

The Pictures

My Friends

Below you can find some pictures of me and my friends, Harvey and Bethan.
My Friends
My Friends - Big Smile!
My Friends and Mums
My Friends and Mums - All Happy

Devon Holiday

During the summer holiday, I went on a brilliant holiday to Devon. Below are some pictures of my holiday.
Riding On A Train
Having Fun

Bluebell Woods

On the 3rd of May (2009) I went to Coughton Court, where they have a fantastic Bluebell Wood. Here is a big picture of me there with my brothers and sister.
Me in Coughton Court Bluebell Woods

Karate Party

For my birthday party (2009) I had a cool karate party! It was really, really fun, and I had a great time!
Look at me duck
I have a great punch!
Look at me knee him!
I am doing a really big kick
All my friends
There is too many candles!
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