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Welcome to Sebastian's site.
My name is Sebastian Roberts, and this is my website. On my website you can find: free games, lots of cool pictures of me and videos! So please do feel free to have a look around.

On the 28th of February, Sebastian had a karate party!
Look at him duck
Punch Sebastian!
Go on, knee him!
Big kick
Party food... mmm
On the 20th of July Sebastian went to The Festival of History, here is a slideshow of photographs my brother took whilst there
On Friday the 11th of July, Sebastian went to The Butterfly Farm in Stratford.
Big crash
Moving again
We had a lovely day in Stratford at the butterfly farm for our school trip but we joined this traffic jam on the m6just before 3pm.
Here we are moving at last. Can you see me? I'm at the back in the minibus in front! My Mum and Dad were very pleased to get me home & safe by 8pm but they wonder how the teachers coped with me saying “Are we there yet” for 5 & a half hours!!!”
This Father's day Sebastian took his daddy camping to Shropshire.
He climbed some really high hills with him! Here are some photos of his weekend away.
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Sebastian went to the Recycling centre with his beaver group,
here are some pictures of him there.
Recycling Centre
Recycling Centre
This pavement was made out of tires!
What a lot of stinky rubbish!
Recycling Centre
On the 17th of February it was Sebastian's Birthday. Here are some pictures of him.
Birthday cake 2008
Here is the cake he got for his birthday!
Driving a train
This was him driving a train at Snibston Discovery Park.
Party 2008Party 2008
This was him at his party with all his friends the day before!
It's Sebastian!
YumNow class
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